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Hi, I'm Ron. Welcome to my site. That's a picture of me when I was eighteen. I had already been doing photography for about a year. This was just before my first gallery exhibition. Within a year, I became the youngest member of Magnum photos which is one of the most prestigious organizations of world famous photographers like Cornell and Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Rene Burri, Bruce Davidson, Dennis Stock, Burt Glinn, Ernst Haas and so many others.

I began working for the great magazines of the golden era of photojournalism, Time, Life, Business Week, The New York Times and many others. By twenty I was traveling around the globe for clients like IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Falcon Jet, Champion Paper, Fiat, Hertz, Anne Klein, Random House and several others.

I have won many industry awards from Communication Arts, Print Magazine, The American Institute of Graphic Arts and Graphis in the USA and Europe. My work has been featured in all of those publications as well as Popular Photography, Modern Photography. Camera Magazine, US Camera and the Time-Life Photography Series and Time-Life Wilderness Series.

I learned photography by apprenticing and assisting some of the greatest photographers in the world, in product, fashion, corporate and photojournalism, Carl Fischer, George Haling, Eugene Smith, Elliot Erwitt, Charles Harbutt and others. I got my BA in photography from The Cooper Union along with some famous photography alumni: Roy DeCarava, Mitch Epstein, Joel-Peter Witkin, Neal Slavin, Jay Maisel and classmate Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe.

I bring all that experience to your projects.

Photography has evolved over the years and I have always kept up with the latest in technology. Today's photographer must know the ins and outs of e-commerce as well as the exacting requirements of all the online sites including the stringent legal requirements.

As my client you have the exclusive rights to your pictures. You are the copyright owner. Every picture is embedded with hidden data that shows your ownership as well as numerous other pieces of information that protect your intellectual property rights.

In addition to this information, your pictures are exclusively coded to be read by all the major search engines with all the information about your product, company and website. This information is indexed by the search engines and adds to your rankings on the internet. You do not have to pay anything for this exposure. The search engines do it all.

Finally, I do all the work myself: from the initial photography to the final retouching in Photoshop and other tools. I do not outsource, offshore or put anyone else in charge of any aspect of your projects. For the initial photography I use the latest equipment in my state of the art studio. My studio has street level access to accommodate the very young in strollers, those that are physically challenged and any size product.

All my software tools are licensed, purchased and owned by me and run on the latest dedicated computer graphic workstations.

All my clients have unlimited cloud storage with complete access to all their pictures at anytime from any device.

Repeat customers earn generous discounts and offers as well as the high quality results they get.

I work closely with all my clients to monitor the progress of their campaigns to see which pictures are working the best to sell their products.

I hope you will see the value and quality I offer and will give me a try for your photography projects.